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The end of 2011 in Heyuan development tour

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                     A pleasant journey in Hakka. 

          At the end of 2011, the company organized a two days tour of Heyuan development 
  By the end of 2011, the company is making the brandculture, part of the organization management personnel for a period of two days of Heyuan tour. Whether the su-jia-weiHakka, or the world fairyland lake, have left the humanfootprint.

 beauty see presbyopia.

 the red flag flutters Green Lake

The harvest is the East River field base to expand training maximum. A total of 3 projects: "high horizontal bar", "trust fall back", "victory wall", everyone is so be struck with fright,exciting. At the same time, also let the staff realize what issincere cooperation, stone.

 eldest brother, you climb so high do not shake.
 brothers, side by side, is your most solid backing

Swearing in front of the wall in the victory, each one's fighting spirit soars aloft.
The Great Wall will cast iron in the iron, the battle never cease

 we won, glory to record



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