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The Ya'an love

Source:Shenzhen MeiYu technical development Co., LTD, Brows:2075, Date:2013/6/14

In April 20, 2013 8:02, Sichuan Ya'an earthquake of magnitude 7, this day is all the staff of the company for the rest of the day, when we are ready to spend a weekend, Ya'an suddenly collapsed houses, families, is the mountains fall and the earth splits. Afternoon colleagues immediately from the website, the news to see real-time coverage of the earthquake disaster in Ya'an. We are in a heavy heart...... 

Although the earthquake last for just a few seconds, but this tens of seconds but affects the hearts of people across the country, the people are more at the moment of solidarity, unity is strength. April 21, 2013 0:28 PM, company executives received president Mr Song Gongyi text "Ya'an earthquake, serious damage, the company all staff to do something for them?" At this time, the president also is on a business trip. 

Then by company executives together planning: "our staff in April 22nd in Shenzhen's famous Phoenix Temple pray for Ya'an, Ya'an, Ya'an people for donations to save!" Although we cannot with passion to disaster areas when volunteers, hampering rescue team, but we will be here for Ya'an people's blessing, observed a moment of silence, let Ya'an people up! 

Love is the most beautiful language in front of disaster! 

Action is the greatest respect for life!

At this moment, every one of us is from Ya'an, Ya'an safety affects us. Our collective tirelessly, trek over to Phoenix peak, in the "Buddha shines", "Dimei convergence for the purpose, the collective silence", the blazing sun is our prayer, Temple of the Buddha is the witness of our love of Ya'an. All the staff of the company, from the leadership to the staff, everyone consciously will be 10 yuan, 20 yuan, 100 yuan, 500 yuan into the money box we. At the moment, I as we are the proud, "mountains and translation, earthquake regret", in the face of disaster, "the people" fingers close together in the face of disaster, transfer stream in everyone, in Ya'an, Ya'an, we are always with you! 



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