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3 strokes to get rid of hair embarrassed exit happy Spring

Source:Shenzhen MeiYu technical development Co., LTD, Brows:3437, Date:2013/6/16

The first one: Magical elastin, recovery of Q elastic hair 

When your hair lose just hot finished the perfect radian, elastin lotion can let you make the dead come back to life! Only the hair part of wet, take appropriate amount of elastin lotion, bottom-up evenly rub into wet hair volume, will roll finishing forming method of kneading tray. Your hair is coated with a layer of "primer", you can be hair dryer, and give it more natural and graceful arc. If you want to get more vivid curls and lines, so after dry again and curl rub into the amount of elastin lotion, then, you will see the original frustrating curls back to life! 

Second strokes: hair coloring DIY New Year "charm". 

What color is the most representative of the holiday mood? We should all think of warm and festive red! Have not thought about for a wine red color? When the winter we are accustomed to "black" the street, you of that noble and warm wine red hair is perhaps the most natural beauty magic weapon! In the DIY hair coloring is actually very simple, but should pay attention to hair coloring of 1-2 days do not shampoo, dye cream to direct smear in the dry hair to achieve the ideal effect. When the winter room temperature low suggested that hair coloring in air-conditioned rooms warm, the most suitable for 15 ° C-20 ° C temperature dyeing cream to work its magic! 

The third measure: intensive repair hair health. 

Just for the dye the hair, damage is inevitable, after the dye's first 1 weeks, your hair is badly in need of intensive repair, you can use the repair nourishes the hair instead of conditioner at this point in the shampoo, but as long as the coating to the hair, avoid touching the scalp to prevent clogging hair follicles. 

If you love the natural black hair, so in the winter, a "scheming" warm "Little Red Riding Hood" is the essential magic, imagine you came to the room off the hat, healthy and glossy hair diarrhea and the beautiful picture!



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