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Smart + Kangfa the dragoons to create a new era of hair!!

Source:Shenzhen MeiYu technical development Co., LTD, Brows:2093, Date:2013/6/19

Perm in equipment field, since the Black Whirlwind perm machine hot number for 10 years, the field has been playing the role of industry pioneer in quality and innovation, won a good reputation among the customers in the hair salon. Adhering to the traditional idea, after nearly a year of technical research, in 2012 April, borrow small soldiers technology appearance, the developed a new generation of health perm machine - dragoon, smart + Kangfa, touch screen + dual-mode, created a new era of healthy hair, leading industry. 

As everyone knows, perm is a perfect combination of time and temperature, the intermediate needs to adjust repeatedly, the hairdresser to keep an eye on the time machine, does not stop switch. This machine adopts the intelligent touch screen, electronic plate intelligent pattern, perm time adjustment tedious and temperature adjustment, set in advance according to the health of the hair, as long as you press the switch can successfully perm, reduce the complexity and difficulty of perm, ordinary hairdresser can operate, reduce working procedure, solve the a lot of trouble for the salon. This is the one and only intelligent model in the industry. 

But, with the hair perm syrup in the sulfide bond and hydrogen bond breaking, recombinant hair core architecture hairdressing, hair will be injured in the high temperature heating and chemical reaction, must be repaired. But the traditional perm perm machine only, not responsible for the consumer the health of hair. The domain for this drawback, the dragoons perm machine configuration "red and blue Kang Fayi", through the red and blue on the hair for 5 to 15 minutes of irradiation, stimulation of the brain cell growth and repair damage, perm, hair, hair, for hair growth effect, let the consumer health salon. 

Dragoon is designed with two boards together, can separate control, also give 2 perm, this is equivalent to a machine when 2, save the money and space for the salon, the price to play to the extreme.



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