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How to get rid of the hair dull

Source:Shenzhen MeiYu technical development Co., LTD, Brows:1995, Date:2013/6/21

After intense sun and long hair coloring, perming. The tragic fate of the hair will eventually get rid of dull. The man is lazy, there is no life. Have a healthy beautiful hair, but very important oh! 

City life water containing calcium, is one of the decisive factors affecting hair is healthy luster. Many city, such as the French Paris living water rich in calcium. Can bring shine to the hair. So, MM can try to do the milk mask to the hair in the wash hair, for hair calcium supplement. 

Acidic nursing can improve the hair gloss, surface protection components remain in the hair, form protective membrane. To prevent external damage at the same time, mirror effect can visually instant promotes hair gloss. 

Hair is too dry, also can make the hair loses luster. Wash your hair, remember to use towel to wash water, instead of directly using the hair dryer. Daily use hair dryer, need to control the air temperature. Use moisturizing care products. Apply moisturizing oil amount in the hair, both nourishing and can bring luster. 

Try to use less silicon plastic products, although they can make your hair moment type, but the long-term use will make hair dry.
Intense sunlight, will make the hair dull. The sun is serious day, advice on hair spray sunscreen products, or wear a hat or a sunshade out.



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